Counseling for Individuals

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In my practice, I often see clients individually when they find themselves struggling with a variety of issues:

  • anxiety
  • relationship and communication troubles
  • stress management
  • self-injury (cutting)
  • grief
  • life and career transitions
  • other behaviors or feelings that aren’t working for them

In my first sessions with a new client I listen to their concerns, and try to get an understanding of their goals and values.  In other words- what’s their end result?  If counseling is effective and they’re happy with the outcome, then what will be different in their lives?   During this time we’re getting to know one another, and as I gain their trust, they feel safe enough to share their inner world with me.  The relationship that we form is crucial for their success in working with me.   I believe in each person’s value and potential, and that it can best be realized in the context of empathic, supportive relationships enveloped in unconditional positive regard.  My counseling style is warm and  non-judgmental, and I like to use some gentle humor.  Together we do some digging and identify some of the obstacles in the client’s way-  what has made it difficult for them to move closer to their goal, what are the walls that they keep running into?  Many times it’s distorted thinking and perceptions, that can be challenged and altered through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Sometimes I will ask client’s to do something between our sessions (homework), and I use Bibliotherapy- reading and writing- to better understand and re-orient the client’s perspective.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be invited to get to know each client and to walk with them for part of their journey.  While there may not be quick and easy answers for the complex challenges that people face, I carefully and respectfully handle the stories- the hearts and souls-  that clients share with me.  With my expertise and experience, I join with the client’s  personal strengths and hopes, and together we work on improving the lives of the courageous clients who come in.