Hello and welcome! 

By the time most people find themselves reading this, they’ve been hurting for some time and have considered reaching out for support on numerous occasions.  Or they’ve tried therapy before and it just wasn’t what they were looking for or needing.  Is that you???

I love being a therapist and I want to help you thrive 

My clients are often struggling with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, exhausted from trying to do it all and have it all without adequate support.  They might look like they “have it all” on the outside but inside struggle with self-doubt, disappointment, a sense of missing something, or even wondering “who am I?”  They are sometimes grieving a loss, even their own sense of meaning and purpose;  or they’re looking for a change and are feeling “stuck,” either by the people around them or their own limiting beliefs about themselves and what they are capable of.   Clients come to me ready to shed old layers of who they thought they had to be, and excited to discover who they really are as they courageously take off their “mask.”   I’ve seen them bravely walk through the process of self-discovery towards healing and growth, and when you’re ready I want to help you take those steps too.

It takes a lot of courage to reach out for support

I like to begin our interactions with a 15-minute phone consultation.  That allows us both to get to know one another and mutually decide if we might be a good fit to work together.  And if at the end of that phone call you decide you’d like to make an appointment, I can help you do that.

To schedule an initial 15-minute consultation:

Text or call: (757)504-2050

E-mail: jamie@thrivecounselingvirginia.com